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At some point, my therapist told I was fine and there was nothing wrong. It took me two decades of

therapy to realize I was the problem.

My lifestyle for too long demanded perfection, commitment, & loyalty. Even though I had very little

interest in what I was doing in life. After a series of emotional blows, coupled with grieving deaths of

various loved ones within a condensed period, I hit a rock bottom and found myself in a heavy burn


With the changes brought onto to our world during the pandemic, making each day even more

shocking than the next to absorb, I mentioned to my therapist that I felt perfectly safe and sane for

the first time in my life. It felt like the reality of chaos that I had already grown accustomed in life was

now everyone’s new normal.

In a moment like waking as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, suddenly everything went from black and

white, to colour. Finally, I was able to calmly assign containment to the level of chaos I was partially

responsible for creating, as well as experiencing.

I reverted to healing principles I had used earlier in life to heal with. Time applied with proper rest,

dusting off old astrology and yoga philosophy books, served me well as a familiar foundation for

igniting habit evolution and transforming life. Yet again.

A deep dive into my natal chart inspired me to combine my efforts from various careers of my past to

create a programme that supports realistic mental health mindsets, while applying modern solutions

from ancient philosophies of our past.

Currently offering astrology consultations and restorative yoga. Specifically, to aid in positive

betterment to our mental health, I offer a program embodying the prevailing elements of fire, earth,

air, and water to foster guidance with physical, emotional, and spiritual based practices.

My focus is on routine movement and breathwork practices that are accessible for everyone. I offer

this with pre-determined support of the cosmos that interprets your character’s gifts and challenges,

and where to apply action while adding balance to your life.

I believe a yogic lifestyle is for every BODY, as it is not about the flexible postures. It is a lifestyle we

use to teach people to be more compassionate, humble, and less egocentric. And shouldn’t that

include the entire planet’s population at this stage in our lives?

A Registered Hatha & Asthanga Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2002, you can reach me via

email and follow announcements on my newsletter.

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