Ancient Healing Arts. Modern-day Solutions.

“Welcome to Astro-infused Yoga”

In your career and life overall, you are on a roll. You excel in various roles you play and chase your personal dreams while keeping all the balls in the air to keep up with the busy pace that is life these days.

But the more you do, the more exhausted, chaotic, and over stimulated you feel. You long for lightness and calm and you are constantly seeking the midline for balance.

Does this all sound familiar?

I am here to guide you to find your strength, thrive in difficult situations and offer support for your mental health using ancient modalities with modern-day approaches. 

What’s in it for Me?

If freedom and change is commanded, we must commit to such a practice. This may be various acts of self-care, journaling, exercise, yoga, meditation, therapy, coaching …whatever works as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

Linking pre-defined intentions with our habits and behaviors help us achieve higher levels of success bringing us more self-awareness. Together we will look at your natal chart to determine which movement-based practices are best for you to embody.

The relationship with our Self, like all relationships, requires commitment, time and space. Practicing mindfulness, meditation and various forms of body work teaches us how to withdrawal into the senses to operate from our intuition rather than only relying upon programmed logic.

How do we go about this?

Our personalities can be represented in the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water. Each symbolizes a physical, emotional, or mental embodiment that once learned where our innate gifts are found, can be magnified, or neutralized to our advantage.

Understanding what your “missing element” is within your natal chart will help you target the solutions to inject motivation for change and betterment.

We use astrology to aid our mental health since it can be used as a depiction of personality assessment. It’s not a replacement for therapy or any clinical form of treatment, it is a metaphysical tool, given to us from the ancient cosmos.

What’s in it for Me?

Who am I?

Hello there Humans. My name is Audra.

I am here to help others on their physical, mental, and emotional journeys through modalities of yoga, breathwork and astrology interpretations.

I am passionate about restorative and yin yoga, having developed my own integrated program, which has been tested for productivity and aligns with our moon’s patterns & transits.

I am also a single mom, mental health advocate, politically socially activated and a passionate writer over on Substack. Here is where I cover topics to protect a global social democratic order while working to reform safer, less exploitive measures across social media platforms.

As a cheerleader of life, I combine a natural and impactful way to use knowledge of your past, interpreted with current experiences. I fully believe if we make our trauma our platform to launch from, we can reinvent ourselves in new creative ways for betterment of serving a collective order in society.  

My services are driven by an intuitive connection we create together to help source your own personal self-awareness, renewal, and transformation.

Interested in learning more?

Why Astrology?

In learning this ancient resource by using geometry measures of our natal charts, we can read various aspects of our personality which help to refine our own intuition and aid in making better decisions suited for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Astrology is only a road map to define events of your life or help define parts of your personality to further assess. We can use this science in predictive or comparative measures to investigate your life’s purpose or personal goals you aim to meet.

We benefit from understanding the interpretations defined in a subjective manner basis the person giving the assessment. I interpret the top highlights of your chart, showing where you have your pleasure and pain points.

Astrology shows us both the good and the bad. Once learning to embrace the darkened qualities of ourselves, we are then opened to receive light. This is where find our innate gifts enhancing them for our betterment.

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