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Discovering ancient healing arts through modern-day solutions.

Striving to embody the mind-body-soul human experience while enhancing personal evolution.

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Amidst the chaos of this perfect storm, a tranquil eye emerges.

Offering private and group consultations blending restorative yoga with ancient elemental astrological principles.

By leveraging the power of nature alongside your natal chart, your ‘missing element’ is revealed showing your path of potential opportunities and/or obstacles.

With a focus on yoga teachings, accessible for every BODY, the aim remains to retreat within the senses – finding sustainable movement practices while incorporating stretching, meditation, and breathwork to facilitate holistic well-being.

Maintaining a belief in these ancient philosophies can benefit everyone, while continuing to foster a kinder way of life that extends beyond a physical & mental practice.

"Paths to liberation are built on small moments of self-awareness."

The writing that passionately fuels the ‘Source of Yoga’ can be found on Substack. Subscriptions are available for those wishing to work together with an all-access pass for teachings & publications.


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