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Discovering ancient healing arts through modern-day solutions.

We strive to connect our mind, body, and spirit to unleash our infinite potential while enhancing our personal evolution.

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Looking to learn more over mindfulness and other techniques that facilitate calming the mind? Discover living a yogic lifestyle with applied movement based culture, meditation & breath work, while positively changing your mindset.


Offerring customised astrological reports designed to show your personality's most influential characteristics. Take a deeper diver into intuitive insights on how to unlock your hidden potential.


Join for a live or online event! Based in the Randstad area of The Netherlands, but not limited to Dutch borders. Click here to learn more information.

At The Source of Yoga, we provide a safe and welcoming space for you to explore

the power of merging movement, yoga, astrology, and other ancient healing practices into your daily habits & routines.Source of Yoga’s core beliefs centralise around everyone possessing the power within themselves to create the life they truly desire. Let us help you unlock that power and achieve your fullest potential.

Ready for Health Life?

We benefit from understanding the interpretation of top highlights from your chart, showing where you have your pleasure, and yes, pain points as well.

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