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Audra, an American-Dutch certified yoga teacher (RYT200), brings over two decades of experience in hatha and ashtanga yoga, offering a modernised teaching approach.

“It’s not about the poses our bodies can do! Rather, it’s about how we move through life and experience a greater sense of fulfilling joy while maintaining accountability in service of self and others.”

Integrating ancient astrological principles into self-care practices for transformational results, Audra uses her teachings in yoga to positively make a sustainable change in mindset, habits, and behaviours.

Championing mental health awareness, Audra leverages her unique experiences to guide individuals through transitions. Her published teachings on yoga theory are accessible through Substack.

With close to two decades of international living, Audra embodies the wisdom gained from chasing dreams and navigating diverse experiences.

Whether you seek a confidante, listener, or guidance through life’s transformations, Audra’s insights offer firsthand understanding and support.

Hello, nice to virtually meet you.

I embody charisma, humility, cleverness, and innovation. My strength lies in building engagement in diverse environments. I firmly believe in prioritising the customer’s experience, demonstrating organic leadership from bottom-up support.

Offering tailored consultations, I fuse astrological natal charts with foundational principles from ashtanga yoga. Beyond physical postures, my focus is on cultivating a flexible mindset; vital for reshaping healthier narratives.

This distinctive fusion guides individuals toward sustainable changes in daily habits and routines, driven by my passionate ambition and guided by intuitive courage. My journey is peppered with captivating stories, shared on Substack, reflecting my work and teachings.

Delve deeper into my insights through the linked articles on this website.

Here are my favourite labels.


A certified yoga teacher with two decades experience of hatha and ashtanga yoga, Audra teaches a modernised approach integrating astrological principles into self-care practices for transformational results. This helps to positively aid a sustainable mindset for our future.

Unity in Diversity

I value diversity and inclusion, believing they’re key to progress. My journey reflects a commitment to bridging understanding and positivity, advocating for minorities and those appreciating alternative lifestyles.

If you’re looking to connect casually or extend gestures through gifts or donations, I welcome your attention here.

It is essential that professional boundaries are upheld, and engagement in intimate relationships with clients is not part of the approach.

Transparency remains fundamental in a landscape where trust is earned, ensuring that client relationships are established upon a foundation of trust and confidence.

Authenticity, Trust, Loyalty, and Honour

I champion for LGBTQIA+ communities and celebrate the diverse spectrum of humanity. Guided by intuitive leadership and steadfast boundaries, I’ve dedicated my life to nurturing unconditional love, however it may transactionally be, while embracing diversity.

Important to Note: I offer services to individuals within my personal network, valuing word-of-mouth referrals. Kindly honour my privacy, and that of my esteemed clients.

Namaste xx

Audra White

Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Mentor

Holistic Yoga & Astrology for Busy Humans

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A registered Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (200 RYT Yoga Alliance 2002); you can reach me on: or find me on the socials.

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