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“I am a human being, not a human doing.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

A personal note from Source of Yoga Owner, Audra White ...

Your dedication to personal growth shines through your commitment to transformative practices like self-care, mindfulness, and embracing change. This can include a diverse range of activities such as journaling, exercise, yoga, meditation, therapy, mentorship, or coaching—whatever resonates best with you, as there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Aligning your intentions with daily habits brings about conscious self-awareness and fosters personal success. Cultivating a relationship with yourself is akin to nurturing any other bond; it thrives on dedication, time, and space.

Through mindfulness practices like meditation and bodywork, we tune into our intuition, stepping away from ego-driven solutions toward a deeper understanding of ourselves. This approach equips us to tackle life’s challenges from a place of inner wisdom.

Ultimately, our aim is liberation from the chatter of the mind—to minimise stress, sadness, and burnout while seeking inspiration and motivation to live our best lives.

While each of us follow unique paths, yoga and astrology serve as potent tools for navigating life’s complexities and managing our mental health.

It’s essential to recognise that while these practices are beneficial, they are not a substitute for clinically proven forms of therapy.



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Ready to infuse yoga & astrology in your next group event?

Planning a team-building workshop, family gathering, or a unique private party for any age group and aiming to make it truly unforgettable? Offer your guests an experience that allows them to discover themselves in a whole new light!

I specialise in intimate gatherings, providing tailor-made events centred around mindfulness practices and gentle movement—perfect for breaking the monotony of prolonged sitting.

Let’s explore your group’s dynamics and delve into specific themes to create the synergy you’re seeking. Imagine introducing a touch of mystical wisdom rooted in ancient philosophies to captivate and invigorate your guests—adding an element of lighthearted fun while stirring curiosity and engagement.